Diplomaed in Music Education (University of Valladolid), graduate in textual interpretation (School of Drama of Galicia) and theater postgraduate in drama teaching (University of Vigo). He continues his training in acting with Juan Carlos Corazza, Eric Morris, Bob McAndrew, Carmen Portacelli, Andrés Lima, Lorena Garcia ... Drama tecniques in Corazza studio with Manuel Morón and performing arts with W. Stanievsky, Marco Layera, Jorge H. Marín or Pablo Messiez. Takes dance classes for actors with Arnold Taraborelli, jazz with Coco Comin, Carlos Alves and Luis Santamaría, and contemporary dance with Marta Carrasco, Noelia Rua, Armando Marten and Guillermo Weickert. Trained in singing with the Estill Voice Training System taught by Helen Rowson, Paul Furrington, Mamen Márquez and Jose Masegosa.


He has worked as an actor in numerous theater productions as "Romeo and Juliet" (Teatro do Noroeste), "As Dunas" (Drama Centre Galego) ... and in the musicals "The Sound of Music", "Erase Una Vez", "Glass City", "Viva el teatro", "El Rapto del Serrallo" ... and other dance productions as "Kiss" and "Artes no camiño". In cinema he has starred in "El silencio de los objetos" by Iván Rojas, and he has participated in "Assalto ao Santa María" by Francisco Manso. He also starred in "Sin embargo, te quiero" directed by Jorge Algora, and "Barreiros" directed by Simon Casal de Miguel, both telefilmes for Televisión de Galicia, along with "Reliquias" by Anton Lopez, and in the tv series "Libro de Familia" (Televisión de Galicia", "Fariña" (Antena 3) or "Vivir sin permiso" (Telecinco).


He has worked as a singer for Disney in the movie Phineas & Ferb: "Across the 2nd Dimension". He also has released two solo albums "Inesperadamente" and "Cautivo", with whose repertoire has been touring as a soloist in several countries.


He also develops his teaching labour acting, expressive movement and personal classes in different schools, theater companies and cultural organizations across the country. Recently awarded as theater pedagogue with the GPE Ars Mediterránea.

He´s currently starring in Madrid in the show "33, The Musical", a super production based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth.






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